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Randy Weckerly 


Randy Weckerly resides in Lake Geneva, WI having grown up in Freeport, IL, and attended Northern Illinois University  then resided in Sycamore, IL. most of his life, raising four sons. Mr. Weckerly has a degree in Communication with deep focus and passion on media and production. He had an extensive financial planning and management career with Mutual of Omaha for 22 years.  1979-84 he was the company spokesperson for “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marling Perkins". Since earning his Screen Actor Guild (SAG) Card in 1980, all forms of media,TV, radio, internet, trade shows, screen and media research became a way of life.   Mr. Weckerly is the Executive Producer for "Happy Hour Lifestyle Show" and "The Next Taste" podcasts and syndicated radio shows.

Miss Kira Peterson

Vice President of The Distillery Channel

Host/Editor of "Distillery Channel Coffee Journal"

Miss Kira Peterson: VP and Travel Host featuring destinations and market segments around the world. Known at "Miss Kira" in most features, she has collegial studies in marketing and promotion, while spending over ten years in camera work and photography of major concerts around the world. 

Miss Kira is central to bringing in women golfers to the game through her "Miss Kira Steps into Golf 18+1" which began in 2018 in lockstep with the LPGA's #inviteHer Promotion. 

Tim Bona

Show Host

Travel Writer

Tim Bona is a 25 year veteran behind the microphone having cut his teeth as a Florida Gator. Tim spent time on the Hooters Tour playing golf at a very high level until his announcing talent was stronger than his golf game. Tim has raised his kids centered around experiencing life fully in Lake Geneva, WI. A travel writer for "Distillery Channel Coffee Journal", Tim travels throuhout the year experiencing destinations before writing about them. Tim is a large part of all shows with his meticulous insights and investigations before each show. 

Robert Aldrich

Travel Correspondent


Bob Aldrich resides in both Mellon, Wisconsin and St. Petersburg, Florida having also grown up in Freeport, Illinois. Mr. Aldrich has served in the Coast Guard and retired recently from a long career in the medical industry as a physicians assistant. As an avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast,  Bob's  sense of adventure provides Excited Minds Media with insights on the top destinations to be explored as well as a deep understanding of environmental concerns and cutting edge sustainability practices. Mr. Aldrich has had deep involvement in oceanic reef restorations and helping clean up the waters around his home in Florida in Tampa Bay. He is also and avid cross country skier heavily involved with the world class event in Upper Wisconsin, the Birkybiener Cross Country Ski event held annually; and has been certified as a judge for the event. Mr. Aldrich brings an unrelenting kindness and appeal with sincere engagement the viewers will appreciate, anchored with his deep investigations and knowledge of multiple destinations worldwide.

Dina Garcia, RD, LDN 

Mindful Eating Coach

LiveEcoStyle, Inc.


After losing weight and reversing my own pre-diabetes I have developed a true passion for helping others live the healthy, happy, energetic lives they deserve.  As a dietitian-nutritionist and mindful eating coach, I help clients create balance in their life and diet so they don’t have to over think what they should eat.  I believe a healthy lifestyle should alleviate stress not create more.

I have been a Registered Dietitian since 2005.  I believe in a holistic, food first, client centered approach to nutrition which has allowed me to help countless clients lose weight, improve their health and live a happier life.  I understand that every individual has different needs and I really take the time to listen to them so I can help them achieve their goals.  I have extensive experience with weight loss, pre-diabetes, diabetes, renal (kidney) disease, pregnancy, lactation and more.

I completed an undergraduate B.S. in Dietetics from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and then went on to complete my supervised practice at California State University, Fresno in Fresno, California.  I founded Vida Nutrition, LLC in 2012, after 7 years of working as a clinical dietitian.