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"Untamed Travels"

The World as Seen Through Music - Travel - Adventure - Romance - Exotic - Edgy


World Travel and Adventure Series


Press Release - “Excited Minds Media” announces “Untamed Travels” a 60 minute made for TV feature.

 “Excited Minds Media” has launched an initiative to produce “Untamed Travels”, a 60 minute show featuring global travel destinations. Edgy, comedic, unplanned and unscripted shows will take the viewer down multiple avenues of experiential travel. Bob Aldrich, Travel Correspondent for “Excited Minds Media”, adds a depth to all features through his world class knowledge and in-depth research on locations for upcoming episodes. The mix of all three bring vibrancy and authentic application and feel to all current and future destination features.

The audience will see the world through the eyes of the main characters the world of love, passion, travel and strength of purpose,  as they experience raw and and uncut slices of life; including up close and very personal glimpses in to what makes their days engaging, sometimes extravagantly elegant, sometimes unscripted and absurd. “Untamed Travels” will take place in not only the USA, but also the Asia, Europe, South America, and many island destinations.

The interplay between them will be “what you see is what you get”, from stress to joy, passion to relaxation and their undefined relationship as Hosts. Vibrant, joyful, sustaining and entertaining, while being a show the whole family can enjoy from a sense of beauty and appeal to all ages. Both will share  unique entangled weekly endeavors that will unfold in sometimes fiery, thoughtful, comedic and engaging weekly offerings; however their passionate views on life and future sometimes will bring a deep involvement where those watching might take sides. The show is designed to take the viewer on the trip, while engaging their fantasies and desires during the time they view the show. “Untamed Travels” is on schedule to begin promotion and production first quarter 2021 with the first episode being produced on the Hawaiian Islands.


February -2017


Key West Life will depict an in depth with passion, romance, great dining and delicate depiction of the Real Key West Life working with locals as they tell their story ranging from deep sea diving to singing on an outer island, while living in a coastal home with sunset dining and all the finer things that Key West has to offer.

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June - 2017


Untamed Travels unwinds what its like enjoying the Lake Tahoe night life, fine dining, sports, casino gaming, and the edginess of a iconic destination with some of the most spectacular beauty in the United States. Totally unscripted, the team will venture into out of the way places, homes and businesses only the locals know. Romance and Adventure in one of the most idyllic settings in the world.

"Untamed Travels" more coming attractions in the days ahead, so check back soon.